Supplier Apps Mobile App Distributor Sales Reps Video

Supplier Apps Mobile App Distributor Sales Reps Video

Supplier Apps “Mobile App Distributor Sales Reps Video” explains all the benefits of having a mobile app for manufacture’s distributor sales reps. Today’s distributor sales reps are looking to their suppliers for full-featured apps. Help them to get educated on-the-fly. And enable them to share engaging content and product information with your customers.

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Supplier Apps develops mobile apps specifically for manufacturers and suppliers. If you have 3rd party distributor sales reps you need a mobile app. With a mobile app from Supplier Apps, manufacturers and suppliers can easily provide:

  • Product information
  • Product selling sheets
  • Product videos
  • PDF product brochures

Communicate easily by sending important product announcements, new product launch information and events all with a few clicks.

Supplier Apps develops mobile apps for distributor sales reps. Check out our video above, Mobile App Distributor Sales Reps.

Supplier Apps come with all the necessary functions for sending email, making calls, and pushing notifications automatically. But it also comes with event check-ins, printable marketing materials and a Q&A forum. It even comes with cheat sheets for getting insider information on products that can’t be found anywhere else. With Supplier Apps, your distributor sales reps will be more prepared to sell your products or services than ever before.